Data-Driven Evaluation of Mobility’s Impact

nextgov-mediumHealthcare is rapidly evolving, and more than ever, hospitals are under extreme pressure to continuously identify ways to improve performance and justify every expense. In this type of environment, technological innovation alone will not prove sufficient. Instead, making sure technology is successfully implemented and processes are streamlined to ensure adoption and maximize value becomes the currency of improvement.

Tools are developed with a particular purpose, but clinician experience and alignment determine compliance. Without clinician support and adoption at critical mass, any new IT strategy – whether it be electronic medical records or mobility – can be disappointing. Because of this, tracking how and why clinicians leverage mobile offerings – from expediting care to proactively monitoring patients – provides hospital administrators with some insight around the ways users are influencing patient care and achieving value.

Once this record of tracking is compiled and contextualized, the data can be shared with leaders within the organization. Charted visualizations of achievement milestones and benchmarks are a useful way to outline valuable patterns and specific examples of where mobility usage is effectively being implemented or can be strengthened to improve care. Proactive monitoring of utilization offers hospitals and health systems actionable insight to drive their desired adoption of mobility strategies. Visual displays of actual live, historic and trended data about monitored patient populations can both support patient care improvements and achieve administrative goals.

There is no substitute for the transformation of data into useful information and knowledge in order to inform health care leaders as to how, when, and why their clinicians are using IT solutions to improve patient care. Moving forward, the industry will be developing comparative benchmarks across health facilities. A deeper understanding of how deployed solutions and tools are being used is necessary for true clinical transformation.